Moving Checklists

Helpful information for your move

Moving into a new home marks an exciting new season, but it does come with unique challenges and responsibilities. Whether you're a new tenant looking for some pointers or you're getting ready to leave your rental home, we've created the checklists below to answer the questions we hear from our tenants most frequently.

If you still have questions after reading through the details below, give us a call: (817) ­200-­7982

Move-in Checklist

1) Lease Signing

You will receive your lease via Docusign for electronic signature, or make arrangements with the office to sign a paper copy of the lease. Please sign within 24 hours of receiving the lease, or we might withdraw our lease offer and extend it to the next approved applicant.

2) Security Deposit

Your Security Deposit is due by 9am the following day. You may overnight it, or bring it to the office. Your deposit amount may vary depending on your application scoring outcome, but is usually one month's rent. Funds need to be in the form of Cashier's Check or Money Order, made out to Green Light Property Management.

3) First Month's Rent & Applicable Fees

Prior to your move-in, your First Month's rent, Admin Fee ($150) and any other applicable fees (e.g. Pet Fees, Air Filter program, etc.) will be due. Funds need to be in the form of Cashier's Check or Money Order, made out to Green Light Property Management.

4) Utilities & Renter's Insurance

Please send us this Utilities Verification Form filled out prior to your move-in date, as well as proof of your Renter's Insurance for your new home.

5) Move-in Inspection

Prior to your move-in we will perform a detailed move-in inspection, documenting the condition of the property with a set of pictures and notes.

6) Keys, Move-in & Optional Property Condition Report

After we receive of all the above (no exceptions), we will release the keys to you on your move-in date. Please schedule an appointment to pick up keys at the office.
Within 3 days after your move-in, you may submit this Property Condition Form to take note of any imperfections of the property you don't want to be held responsible for.

For your convenience, we offer an optional feature of gaining access for the first time to your home without having to check out keys from our office. For an optional additional charge of $25.00 (paid with your first month's rent prior to move-in) you will be provided the lockbox code to access the keys on your move-in date. Please contact us if you'd like to request this service.

Move-out Checklist

Notice of Intent to Vacate

We hope you've enjoyed your stay at a Green Light Property Management home. As you prepare to move out, please provide us with written notification of your intent to vacate.

Property Condition

You must return your rental home to its original condition before you hand in the keys:

  • Rental Cleaning: Take the time to carefully clean each room in the property. All of your belongings and personal possessions should be removed. You also must wipe down hard surfaces, mop/vacuum the floors, and address any cosmetic damage (see below).
  • Landscaping & Outdoor Areas: Does your home have outdoor space where you regularly take care of maintenance chores like lawn care? If so, please do these immediately before you vacate.
  • Repairs: Please patch all nail and screw holes, replace burnt light bulbs in your fixtures, and repaint any areas that were not previously approved by our team.

Security Deposit

The security deposit paid at the beginning of your lease protects against any damage you cause during your stay. Our team will perform a final inspection upon your departure; if we find anything amiss, we'll repair the problem and use the deposit to cover the related expenses. The remainder will be returned to you. 

Please remember, you cannot use the security deposit to pay your last month's rent.